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Thursday, June 23, 2011

1~ur fav thing about boys 2~ur middle name 3~height? 4~age? 5~favorite song? 6~how much do you weigh? 7~did you ever wear braces? 8~phobia u have? 9~what career you want? 10~shoe size? 11~are u single? 12~Will you send this to all your friends/follo

1 - Hmmmm.....I'd have to say fuzzy butts!
2 - "Peter Axel" has no middle name.
3 - I'm 5'7"
4 - 43
5 - Too many to list....
6 - 175 lbs
7 - Nope.
8 - No real severe ones, but I hate confined spaces and spiders creep me out.
9 - Career: I'd love to get into urban/transit planning.
10 - Shoe size? Really?! LOL US 8.5-9 or so.
11 - I have a partner
12 - It goes from here to FaceBook, Twitter and my Blog.

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