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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who do you wanna be a pornstar? What is your side job?

[Reminder: these posts are my answers to questions others anonymously ask me on I have it linked so the answers appear on my FB page and Twitter feed.
-Peter ]

I did my first video in 1990, kind of on a lark! My sorta-BF at the time, Michael Blue, was filming a few with some small sub-label of Catalina's and wanted to film it in my crumbling, quake-shaken, SOMA loft. It was a cool place! Very atmospheric!

They asked me to join-in and I had a blast! The end result was the VHS (remember those?!) "Motor Punks." Thank God I think it's long out-of-print LOL.

(Shhhh.....don't tell anyone --- it will ruin the tough-guy, scary beast image, LOL,) ...but I'm actually educated as an architect. I worked as an architect for ten years then became a Business/Systems Analyst for Architectural / Construction software companies. Yup, I'm a tech geek!

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