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Sunday, October 17, 2010

What is your best movie? Who is your best sex partner?

[Reminder: these posts are my answers to questions others anonymously ask me on I have it linked so the answers appear on my FB page. -Peter ]

I think the video I had the most fun in and hot time filming has got to be Raging Stallion's "Hunter Hunted." I had a blast, and I think it shows! Me and Trey just tore into each other like wild animals. He is gorgeous - and I was initially stunned and intimidated when I first saw him on set - I almost backed-out! We shot the scene for more than eight hours. They trimmed it down to one hour of hot action that made it onto the DVD.

My best sex partner? Today? Ever? On film? Off?
I've had some amazing experiences with great guys of all shapes, ages and sizes, on and off camera! It's really hard to pick just one.

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