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Friday, March 12, 2010

Preview of a Hot Scene with Trey Casteel & me in "Hunter Hunted"

Check out this clip from an hour-long scene with Trey Casteel and me!

This was a blast to shoot! We went at each other like wild dogs.

There's a funny story behind this shoot too:
I was already scheduled to appear at the release party for Butch Bear's Tap Out in Los Angeles, the day they wanted to schedule the shoot. So the two porn producers got on the phone together and agreed to work out timing so I could do the release party, leave shortly after, get on the plane to S.F. and head straight to the shoot for Raging Stallion.

Tap Out was my first release party - This was before I was sober, and I had no idea what to expect and was very nervous. People were buying me tequila shots all night, and I gladly had one after another, LOL. BAD idea!

The next day I arrived on-set for Raging Stallion feeling more than a little weary and hungover... I had no idea what the video was about, the  director, J.D. Slater had been very cagey about what he wanted. I met my scene-mate and nearly fell over! Here was Trey Casteel,  this gorgeous, built stud I was paired with! I was stunned.

We both walked onto the set, with no direction and started making out. Then Trey started to punch me...hard! He was spitting too. Normally I'd be all over this and loving it...but with my head throbbing and just wanting to go back to sleep it was the last thing I needed. I decided to just roll with it and hang back and let him pummel me.

Then it happened: he landed a blow square and hard. Uh-oh! My inner animal was unleashed and I came at him hard, picked him up and threw him on his back on the filming platform and started punching back, spitting in his face, just as hard. I threw his legs on my shoulders and pinned-him down pile-driver style, ready to fuck him. The roar of a cheer rose up from the technical crew and they started to applaud and shout before the director shushed them (you can hear that moment on the DVD)! That was all I needed, LOL. I finally "got" what they were after and just let go, full-force, complete animal mansex, wrestling, pummeling, total wild devour each other sloppy hot sex. At one point we had to pause filming for some quick first aid, cause I split my scene partner's lip! I wanted to just keep going and kiss him...i t was hot!

We ended up going at each other for hours. flip-floppin' fuckin', wild with sucking, rimming, toys, you name it - we did it! A lot always gets edited out, but the amazing hour of intense action that ended up on the DVD is just plain HOT. I even watch this one and get turned on!

Check it out. It's one of my favorites.

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  1. I'm HARD just reading these. Damn I gotta get a copy of this!!!

  2. I just got this movie in the mail yesterday.OMG that was the hottest fucking scene I have seen Peter in.He was like an animal and those grunts drove me wild.


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